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By Sheilar

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I've got a clematis 'Ville de Lyons' which was accidentally chopped earlier in the year. It has came back with a vengeance in four different places and is growing away profusely. However, today I noticed it has got a few flower buds forming on it. Is this normal as it has already flowered earlier in the year. Have I confused it by pruning it at the wrong time - maybe it thinks it's a different season!!!



Ville de Lyon's a late flowering one, starting around end of June, July, in the viticella/jackmanii group, so I'd expect it to be in flower now.

9 Sep, 2011


Bamboo, I've got a picture of it in full bloom on 24th May, this year. Do they flower twice?

9 Sep, 2011


This one doesn't no, but I'm wondering if you've got something like Niobe or Rouge Cardinal instead, which would flower then and again now.

9 Sep, 2011


I think because April was such a warm month, many plants thought it was May/June which would explain why your Ville de Lyon flowered early.

I have some clematis with buds which I purchased recently, that really should not be flowering. The climatic conditions are all bottoms up.

Another GoYer gave me a fab web site:

it has an A-Z and photographs for almost all clematis.

10 Sep, 2011


The packaging certainly did state it was Ville de Lyon. Of course, it could have been wrongly labelled. I'll have a look at that site, thanks, and see what it says.

10 Sep, 2011

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