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I added pictures of this plant on my profile pictures.

I've had this plant a long time. It's been atleast 12 and could be up to 15 years now. I found it in pictures up to 11 years back. But I believe I can remember having it farther back then that.
It's moved many times with me, about 9 or so times.
I watered it, never repotted it, added a bit of new soil and gave it some fertilizer now and then.

I think I once knew the name of it. The leaves coming out and then dieing off is normal. The dead ones are very strong, can't be torn off easily, I have to cut them off.
I now live in a place that I plan on being in for years to come.
I want to find out the name, so I can give it some good care and proper spot for lighting.
I'd appreciate any help with the name :)

Thank you :)

Img_3092 Img_3094 Img_3090



It looks like an old Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans).

10 Sep, 2011


I think it would really appreciate being repotted into a larger pot with fresh compost. You may be surprised how much it will grow.

10 Sep, 2011


Thank you Tugbrethil...I look up the info for Parlor Palm...very well could be :)
I appreciate it.
Very slowly to 5 feet (1.5 m)
Water Requirements: Regular water
Sun Requirements: Shade
Origin: Southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize
Germination: Easy from fresh seeds.
Leaf: Pinnate, 5 to 12 dark green leaves, 20 to 40 leaflets narrower at the connection with the leafstem., Up to 30 inches long (75 cm).
Trunk: Ringed with old leaf scars, and sometimes aerial roots., 0.3 to 0.6 inch in diameter (7.5 to 15 mm).
Flower: Yellow flowers with petals joined at their tips, separate male and female plants. Flower stalk coming from among the leaves, erect, up to 32 inches (80 cm).
Fruit: Black when ripe. 0.25 inch in diameter (0.6 mm). round, sometimes thin petals are persistant.
Seed: round.

10 Sep, 2011


Thank you Moon_grower :) I'm searching through sites now to find out how to care for it. Easier now I know the name of it :)

10 Sep, 2011

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