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Today I discovered 3 large clumps of mushrooms (small, light brown) on my lawn that haven't been there before in 33 years of living here! I think under one of them I removed an old rose bush which may explain it but the other two are in different places in the middle of the lawn where nothing has been removed! Why has this happened and what should I do?




Any chance of a photograph? Honey coloured mushrooms could be innocuous, but might be honey fungus, which can occur where there's dead wood and is a serious problem. If you post a pic, please ensure the stalk and gills are visible beneath the cap

10 Sep, 2011


Also if you cut the stalk, what colour is the sap?

10 Sep, 2011


I have added the photo, Bamboo, they're not as honey-coloured this morning as decaying (hopefully?)
Sorry, forgot to photograph underneath but stalks are whitish and gills are almost black.

GrannyB, the sap appears to be light brown inside a whitish stalk.

11 Sep, 2011 honey fungus

11 Sep, 2011


Susannah, I think you have may have common 'Ink cap' grows in lawns around debris. So if you have some rotting rose roots that could be why they have suddenly appeared.

They are poisonous to people who drink alcohol and should only be eaten by tea totallers.

However, it could also be 'Fairies Bonnet' which are small and grow in very large groups. These also are a member of the 'Inkcap' family.

Don't believe it is 'Honey Fungus' as HF has deeply concave caps, your photo shows bell like caps which is more like the 'Inkcap' family.

hope this helps.

11 Sep, 2011


I don't think its honey fungus, but the defining feature is the presence of a 'collar' on the stalk a short way underneath the gills and cap.

11 Sep, 2011


Thank you very much for your helpful replies. Can't find a 'collar' so it probably is the rotting wood from the old rose bush which is the culprit in this case. Now I must give up that glass of wine!

12 Sep, 2011


Drink the wine ditch the mushrooms. Drink enough and you will see flying elephants without the use of mushrooms. LOL

12 Sep, 2011


Sounds like a plan!

13 Sep, 2011


Hmm, I dunno, Grannyb, find the right mushrooms and you'll be seeing technicolour flying elephants...

13 Sep, 2011


So I've heard, think I stick to the vino LOL

13 Sep, 2011

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