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gooseberry prunings

Lanarkshire, Scotland Sco

prunings frm gooseberry bushes, are they fo the shredder or can they be rooted in any way to create new plants.



Apparently gooseberries are difficult to root from cuttings but you might as well try some. You should only use the new wood. Use 6inch cuttings and use a hormone rooting powder. Use a cold frame if you've got one.

28 Feb, 2009


both maccrimmon. they are better done as cuttings late summer but you have nothing to loose. is yours a very thorny one? if yes wear gloves when you shred it and be carefull as some thorns come throgh unaltered. i know from first very sore hand experience. i had forgotten which bag they were in and 6 months down the line when i was using them as mulch i found out. ouch :o(

28 Feb, 2009


ye seaburn very thorny I have shifted them into large pots today and pruned them up soleft with a lot of cuttings, I dont reallyneed more gooseys but u know what its like summit for nowt so i will most probably pots some up 2morrow,once i finish me tatties
cheers seaburn Mac . I have some rooting powder volunteer so i will use that as well. .. ...mac

28 Feb, 2009

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