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dear all, i have grown a loganberry on a post and wire system, the posts 7 feet high and the wires 18 inches apart, training the new growth to one side. But the growth is so vigorous that it extends past and above the ends. Should i thin out and reduce the length of these canes or just leave them? Martin from twickenham.
Here is a picture of my loganberry




Ideally you really need about 10 feet or more on each side of the plant so that you can train all one year's growth to one side and cut off all this years fruited wood on the other, so your plant fruits on alternate sides each year. If this isn't possible try to fasten this years growth to a cane or canes away from the main plant so that pruning out the fruited wood will be much easier, and then you can tie in this years growth ready for the winter. If your canes are longer than your wires you can either try to bend them back and tie them in along a different wire or simply cut off the ends. Not really a good idea to leave them waving about.

11 Sep, 2011


I used to train mine in a fan shape, so that most of the stems were bent over and tied in to the wires, or trellis in our case, and this seemed to help with the fruiting too---a bit like bending rose or fruit tree branches down to help fruit or flowers develop. Don't know whether it's what you should do, but we had restricted space and it seemed to work! Annie

12 Sep, 2011


Thanks Steragram, i think the distance between my posts is a little to close. I think i'll use your advice and cut off the tips. Thanks also Anneashby

13 Sep, 2011

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