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By Rogi

NRW, Germany De

Hallo all. Another Clematis question. My jackmanii is growing in a big pot and is about 6 ft high. It has now finished flowering and I would like to plant it in the ground, when is the best time to do this?.
Thanks in advance for your answers.



I would plant it now for it to settle in for winter, autumn and spring are normally the ideal time hope this helps, I ve just planted one of mine, I have about 30 odd lol ensure you plant it deeper than what it is in the pot and at a 45 degree angle.

13 Sep, 2011


Thanks sixpence for you answer.

14 Sep, 2011


Agree with Sixpence, now's the best time - bury it deeper like she says, but if its been in a large pot, it may not be possible to plant at an angle, so as long as you bury it deeper, that's fine. It's really new plants in smaller pots that are best laid on their sides or at an angle.

14 Sep, 2011


Sorry to hijack this post.

Can someone explain about laying small Clematis in pots on their sides. Bamboo??

14 Sep, 2011


Okay. We're talking about hybrid clematis, those large flowered ones everyone likes such as The President, Jackmanii, etc., rather than the species ones such as montana. Hybrid clematis are susceptible to Wilt - when planting a new one, if you lay it on its side and feed the stems out the top of the hole and then fill, the plant will produce lots of new shoots off those sideways on roots. The more stems and shoots you have, the more chance you have of the plant surviving if wilt attacks, because it tends to attack a single stem at a time. When you see any wilt, the trick is to cut the whole stem out at ground level, so obviously, the more stems you have, the better. A useful compromise is to tip it at a 45 degree angle, as Sixpence mentions, and always bury the bottom inch or two of stems so they're under the soil and not above it, as in the pot - this will encourage more shoots as well.

14 Sep, 2011


Once again my thanks Bamboo, this gardening is starting to get a bit complicated.

So much to learn.

15 Sep, 2011


Well, no more than any field of expertise I guess, lol!

15 Sep, 2011


Your welcome Rogi and thank you Bamboo :o))

15 Sep, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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