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By Yifang

bristol, United Kingdom Gb

what is the best toms to grow in greenhouse to give maximum crops ande them? is it good to grow cucums along side them?



Moneymaker springs to mind as a heavy cropper but well worth taking into consideration best flavour tomatoes too.
Dont grow cucumbers alongside tomatoes - they need totally different conditions for maximum effect.

13 Sep, 2011


I've always grown Alicante in the greenhouse and they have a lovely flavour, Yifang. Ours have produced pounds and pounds this year----or should that be kilos and kilos! I don't do metric unless forced!! Annie
I also grow Gardeners delight in the greenhouse, and outside in a sheltered spot, and they have a really old-fashioned flavour---just like tomatoes used to taste!!

13 Sep, 2011


I grew Shirley again for about the seventh year. Really good imunity to viruses. Exellent crop but only downside is that the skins seem to be a little tough. Greenhouse cucumbers can be a problem with spider mite as I can't keep the humidity up.

14 Sep, 2011


I usually grow the old favourites too but the plants have had blight over the last few years so this time I grew from seed a tomato with higher blight resistance - F1 Fantasio - they've been great, lots of toms and nice flavour. Blight has finally set in though :-( but the plants are almost exhausted anyway so not worries really.

14 Sep, 2011

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