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Cure for root mealy bug? In plant pots I've always just used meths but have found a really bad attack on a perennial geranium planted in the ground - never come across that before. I wondered why it wasn't thriving. I did once try malathion for a bad attack in a large pot plant but accidentally got some on my skin and finished up in A&E for the night. Yes I know I should have disposed of it a long time ago...



Almost unheard of to find root mealybug on plants in the ground, Steragram - root aphids are much more likely. Malathion spray strength applied to ground for mealybug - spray strength with something containing one or more of the following: pirimiphos-methyl, permethrin, pirimicarb, dimethoate or heptenophos (not sure which of these has been withdrawn, hopefully not all). And don't get it on your skin this time! None of these is a cure, there is no cure really, just control. Or ditch the plant.

14 Sep, 2011


Well I certainly haven't come across it before. I'd hate to ditch the plant as its a lovely geranium I only got this year, Hocus Pocus and I'm sure it was healthy when I got it. Malathion has certainly been taken off the market and the hospital made me promise to dispose of it safely. I do still have it, naughty, but am a bit nervous about using it again. Better get out the rubber gloves. I have never heard of root aphids, but this looks exactly like the root mealy bug you get in pots. I'll have a look through the shed to see if I've got any of the ones you suggest. What do root aphids look like?

14 Sep, 2011


It would probably be cheaper, cleaner and quicker to buy a new plant. Sometimes you just have to be practical.

14 Sep, 2011


Root aphids are 2-3mm long, usually a dirty cream colour but sometimes bluish-green, live amongst the roots or at the stem bases of host plants. They secrete a white, powdery or fluffy wax and this gives infested roots and nearby soil particles a white coating. So easily confused with root mealybugs, who also produce white, waxy powder - but they're a bit flatter with more elongate bodies than root aphids, which have a globular shape.

15 Sep, 2011


Pimpernel I know you are right, but I am a true Yorkshire woman - a bit mean and stubbborn with it!

Bamboo I will go out and have a look for bugs tomorrow. something to look forward to!

15 Sep, 2011

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