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Crocosmia Lucifer - promised some to somebody, who was it please?



It was not me but if you have any going spare I would love some. I have bought corms in the past and I am not convinced that I am planting them where they would choose to be.

18 Sep, 2011


Have promised some to Seaburngirl and given some more away today. Will bear you in mind if there are any more - I think there might be a few. I'm surprised you've had trouble establishing them - they are often enthusiastic spreaders. Perhaps you could plant one in various places and see which is happy! PM me your address

18 Sep, 2011


Thank you Steragram. I have them in three places and none of them are spreading. Do they take a while to settle and start to spread. Mine have been in about 3 years, 2 years and the ones I planted this year have vanished. What type of soil do they need. I have fairly acid soil in place three, clay with peat added in place 1 and quite sandy soil which has had home made compost mixed with it in place 2. It was what I mixed to grow carrots in the year before. They have done better in that I think. Funny enough the Firejumper which I bought growingin a pot will thrive in any pocket of soil it can find to plant a seed which does make the Lucifer a bit of a mystery. I have always planted dry corms bought from the GC.

18 Sep, 2011


I don't honestly know. I just shoved them in what I had when we first moved here. Not brilliant but I did add some compost. The pH is just slightly to the acid side of neutral, but I don't think they care very much one way or the other. They started to spread almost straight away, and seeded as well.

19 Sep, 2011


Thank you. I will keep my fingers crossed that these work for me.

19 Sep, 2011

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