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AUCUBA japonica Variegata.GOLD DUST


By Retep00

Flintshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have one in a pot on my balcony.I need to re pot it.When is the best time to do this?I also need to prune it.When is the best time and how much to prune? Any help would be great. Im not green fingerd.thanks for the replies! i live in flint north wales

On plant Aucuba japonica



One what?

16 Sep, 2011


Acuba Japonica Steragram, it is written just below his question.
I wondered them same until it caught my eye :)

16 Sep, 2011


Retep, what part of the country are you in? That will have a big effect on when you repot it.

17 Sep, 2011


So it is Scottish. Blind as a bat, and I don't know the answer to the question either...but many evergreens are best repotted or moved in the spring. Aucuba shouldn't be overwatered in the winter.

17 Sep, 2011


Here in the desert, we repot them in the fall, because they get so stressed in the summer. The same is probably also true in southern California, southern New Mexico, the lower Rio Grande valley, and Florida. Spring might be better for Retep, if he gardens in a cooler climate. Pruning should normally be in early spring, though if a lot of soil falls off the roots in repotting, it might be good to prune some to reduce the shock.

18 Sep, 2011

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