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has anyone seen my huge mushrooms ?
hello everyone and i hope your all having a good time . i was having a wonderfull day the other day . me and me mum found a new garden centre called amulree exotics .its on the old norwich to thetford road between mulbarton and bunwell . the village is called fundenhall on the b1113 .phone number is 01508488101 .anyway back to the story . i had a bit of capital spare in the bank and room for a plant or 2 . i didnt realy look as i left full of glee as i was getting some koi half price for my pond at swallow aquatics .i baught a black bamboo which is deliciious and in front of my green bamboo . i also baught a hardy small leaved palm thats a lovley greeny blue colour . anyway i planted my bamboo still happy that i got black bamboo,a lovley palm 2 chocolate bars and 3 good size koi all for £61 which was brilliant . id just started planting the palm when i thaught the plants near it look realy squashed and then i realised why i had room for 2 plants . the penny dropped . some one or two the weight they must be stole my biggest faverite concrete flyagarics . i was gutted .i know its a long shot but you never know one of you mite see it in next doors garden or something . come on you nosey neighbers were are you when i need you lol . bye the way the bloke tony at the palm place didnt have any membrane to stop the bamboo spreading so he gave me the biggest size black nylon bucket that you can get for nothing . i cut the bottom out planted the pot then planted the bamboo within that .anyway take care and keep happy . ps dont spend top much on me for xmas lol x .

My_new_black_bamboo_sept_2011_006 My_new_black_bamboo_sept_2011_006 My_new_black_bamboo_sept_2011_008



So sorry some rotten b****r has stolen your super-duper fungi. How dare they!! :-(
I remember the pic you posted of NP the orange gnome :-)

16 Sep, 2011


so sorry to hear that nosey, the b###'''///. don't suppose they will find their way to Derby, but i will keep em pealed. nice to see you back.

16 Sep, 2011


The rotten so and sos. Trawl the neighbourhood and see if you can get 'em back.

16 Sep, 2011


thanx you so much everyone . im going to put pictures and adverts in the shops and try and get the local paper to get interesrted as its 1 in a million infact its the only 2 mushrooms that look like that .ive also got pictures of me buillding the mushrooms . that will be so cool . it just mite get me famous if i show him my garden and tell him im worried about them lol .f7685NG w4538RS

16 Sep, 2011


You plants look great Nosey :)
It's a shame your delight was spoiled by some thiefing b******s! I hate that!
Go to the local paper, we often get these kind of stories in ours. You never know you may get a result.
Offer them a reward and then tell them to beat it when you get your stuff back. Because of what they were they were probably stolen to order.

16 Sep, 2011


yes or complete stupidety lol . it mite even do me a back handed faver as in get my art in the paper and you never know maybe on the local news lol . i become famous i get millions for my art writing a book about my mushrooms and ironicly the mushrooms become super expensive so the crooks cant sell them because there to well known lol .anyway i think its time i woke up lol x .

16 Sep, 2011

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