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Hi folks, I've just tipped out a very large pot of bulbs. (Small yellow alliums). The compost was very wet, but around half of the bulbs have some short roots. My first question is, must I replant them immediately, or can I let the bulbs dry out. and 2nd, will the bulbs without roots be viable?
Hope someone can help.



You can let the bulbs dry out a little so that they are nicer to handle but don't let them get too dry or old. If the bulbs without roots are nice and firm then they should still grow OK next year. It sounds as if you are using a plastic container, they hold the wet much more than clay, so try putting a layer of gravel in the bottom to aid drainage.

17 Sep, 2011


Thanks bulbaholic. They were in fact in a clay pot, but I'd accidentally sat it on something preventing it draining.

17 Sep, 2011


I had a similar thing last year with some forgotten bulbs and after making sure those that were firm enough dried a little i planed out and hey presto as they say..good luck

4 Oct, 2011

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