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has anyone got ideas for plant labels?

kent, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I am adding alot of new plants to my garden this year and would like to label each one in an attactive way!So I can learn what they all are and teach my children!Would like something other than a plastic label but not to expensive to make so I can spend my budget on plants !



Large pebbles with an indelible pen and then a spot of varnish.

2 Mar, 2009


nice idea Trees.

3 Mar, 2009


Plastic Knives work well or lollipop sticks. Not all that attractive though. :o(

3 Mar, 2009


many thanks for all the advice i am going to buy a bag of cobbles and try that idea!

3 Mar, 2009


I like the pebble idea, also. More attractive than my plastic labels and the blackbirds won't be able to pull them out.
Good for you, Trees.

3 Mar, 2009


Or .... you could type up some information on your computer, enhance it with a picture of the specific plant and display it under plastic in some form of "frame" attached to something that can go into the ground beside the plant - similar to what you see in parks or National gardens. That way you'd have more room to give educational value to the label.

3 Mar, 2009


What a lovely idea, the pebbles labeled and sealed. Just hope the children don't play mischievious tricks on you and swap them around when your not looking!!!! I bought one of those little machines about £3. that you type the name in and it press prints it on a little metal or plastic strip tape. then I nailed them to the fence, shrub, tree or a stick in the ground for perenials. Good luck plenty of alternatives.

3 Mar, 2009


If you have a soldering iron you could use it to write the names on some wood and varnish them.
Just a thought.
Jackie from Essex :)

4 Mar, 2009


Get them to eat lots of lollies and paint the sticks after washing them. Plastic 'butter' tubs cut into strips are good too but make sure that the edges aren't sharp.

5 Mar, 2009

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