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Trimming a box hedge.
I have just planted a new box hedge (plants just dug up and moved from another garden yesterday). The plants are about 50cm high and very bushy. Can I trim the hedge now or should I wait until spring? It is looking quite wayward so I would rather tidy it up now but obviously don't want to do it any harm.



Hmm, difficult one - if you moved them from another garden and caused any root damage, recommendation is to reduce topgrowth by a third to allow the plant to recover. On the other hand, at this time of year, heavy pruning like that isn't recommended, a light trim only is the way to go. I leave it to you to decide which is best, as you presumably moved them yourself.

19 Sep, 2011


Thanks bamboo. Unfortunately I did not dig them up from the old garden and I don't think the person who did was that careful! Souns like a good haircut might be in order!

19 Sep, 2011


In that case, I'd be inclined to just trim them lightly for now, and keep the watering up and plenty of it, see how they do. I wouldn't want to cut hard at this time of year, frankly, especially as we look like we're in for an even worse winter than last year. You can cut them quite hard in winter, say, end of November, if necessary, when its much less likely to force new growth.

19 Sep, 2011


Thanks Bamboo, will do - you're the expert! I am doing well with the watering. I have quite a few new plants so have a bit of a watering routine going.

19 Sep, 2011

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