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Can anyone name this passion flower for me please...




Hi, looks like P.caerulea white lightning. :o)

19 Sep, 2011


Brilliant Plantoholic, Thankyou very much for naming it for me.Just googled it and I agree with you...thanks again :o)))

19 Sep, 2011


I thought P.caerulea Constance Elliot

20 Sep, 2011


I see the difference now....Fantastic flowers

20 Sep, 2011


Welcome to GOY Pimpernel, hope you're finding it fun. Thankyou for your your info on my passion flower. You are the second member to say Constance Elliot, but the centre is different, anyway thanks for reading my blog and taking your time to answer. :o)

20 Sep, 2011


Thank you Lin..These flowers are beautiful, thank you for sharing the difference.

20 Sep, 2011

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