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general care of a newly potted magnolia stellata

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recently potted the above ( in memory of late Father) and just want tips on general care. Potted in large stone pot in John Innes No. 3. Best place to situate and whether needs feed, etc.

On plant Magnolia stellata


Sid do you mean 'newly potted' - have you dug it up out of the garden? I ask because Magnolias hate root disturbance. Re siting, they like a cool root run, so you might like to make sure the container is kept well watered in the summer and is in a shady place, tho the plant will like to have its head in the sun. I have a M. stellata in a pot (don't want to plant it out as I wish to move house at some point), it's not flowering too well unfortunately, while the one I have in open ground is doing very well indeed. Just some thoughts, hope they help.

3 Mar, 2009

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