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Does anyone know what this plant is? photo 1 is the pods that are currently growing on it we opened them up to see if it would give us a better idea on what it is and theres like a nut inside. The tree flowered a while ago unfortunatly i dont have a picture but they were bright red. Anyone got any ideas? please help

Imag0026 Imag0027



Be alright if I could see the photos - I think the site's not working properly, it just says Imag0026 and Imag 0027 where the photos should be and I had this trouble earlier with another query... I shall be using the Contact Us to report it.

20 Sep, 2011


i can see them ok bamboo.but i don't know what it is.

20 Sep, 2011


I can see them now as well - and I've no clue either! The 'beans' are simply seed pods, Charlene, but I don't recognise the leaves - how big is the plant? And when you say red flowers, what kind of flowers? Small sprays? Individual small ones? Large showy ones?

20 Sep, 2011


Could it be a Passiflora vitifolia?

20 Sep, 2011


Is it a woody shrub or tree, like it looks, Charlene? Is it growing in the UK, or somewhere else?

21 Sep, 2011


Hi all its not a passiflora vitifolia i googled it an its not right. It is a big tree must be about 21ft approx its in the uk but its growing in a greenhouse the flowers are bell shaped and in clusters it flowered mid-summer and dropped through the rest of the year.

21 Sep, 2011


I've come up with nothing so far, I'm afraid - found 1 tropical/tender tree with red flowers and pods, but the leaves are nothing like these.

21 Sep, 2011


Maybe Delonix1 would have an idea on this. Should I P.M. him?

24 Sep, 2011


Yes - I'm intrigued myself...

25 Sep, 2011


Done! Just waiting for an answer, now...eyes are getting a bit blurry from looking at pictures of every tropical genus, with those characteristics, that I can remember! : )

26 Sep, 2011


This tree is Brachychiton acerifolius - Illawarra Flame tree. It typically blooms in spring here in San Diego, CA...and is very widely planted in our parks and as a street tree, even though it can grow very large (to more than 60ft/18m tall).

Here's some of my photos of Brachychiton species:

26 Sep, 2011


Thank you so much that looks exactly like it thanks for all your help :D

26 Sep, 2011



You're very welcome. :>)

This tree can sometimes be a little difficult to has variable leaves. The leaves can look like the ones posted above or they can be long and oval...and sometimes on the same tree.

Very large trees are very spectacular to behold, however, it's a very difficult tree to photograph. The flowers are such a bright scarlet, a camera cannot capture its true color.

26 Sep, 2011


Glad you're a member, Delonix - this one's been driving me mad...

26 Sep, 2011


Oh my aching memory! This is one that I had actually sold in the late '80s, but it turned out to be too tender to both heat and cold, here in the desert. They were never happy, and the summer and winter of 1990 did for them all.

27 Sep, 2011



Thanks! :>) This tree is pretty commonly planted along the California coast all the way up to the San Francisco Bay Area.

27 Sep, 2011



Yes, this tree can be a little tender to cold...I thought it might tolerate the heat around Phoenix...but I guess the extreme heat is just too much for them.

The 1990 freeze was horrible! (it was the worst freeze ever recorded in the S. F. Bay Area) I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area during this horrible freeze. There was a lot of damage to the tender trees/plants there.

Stanford University has two very large Brachychiton acerifolius planted in their quad (planted in the early 1930's). The largest tree was most likely close to 70ft/21m tall. These two trees were badly damaged by the 1990 freeze, and lost some of their large limbs. I haven't seen the trees in years, although, I would guess they have recovered fully by now.

27 Sep, 2011

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