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By Adara

Queensland, Australia Au

Would Anyone know what either of these two plants are? The second one doesn't flower from what I can recall, but grows fruit like seed pods.

Sany1700 Sany1108 Sany1107



The last two are Japanese Loquat. In your area it would produce fat clusters of small, off-white, fragrant (or stinky) flowers in March or April. The fruits are edible but tart, and they make excellent preserves and pies.
The first one is a member of the rose family, probably a pome (apple/pear/pyracantha subfamily). I might be better able to narrow it down if I could see the shape of the whole bush or tree, the bark, and the foliage.

21 Sep, 2011


I hacked at the first tree so, it's not the original shape. Although I can upload a photo of the tree. It hibernates during winter and has small leaves. Thank you for your information on the second plant.

21 Sep, 2011


I have taken some photos of the first tree, and should be up in a few minutes. :] Again Thank you.

21 Sep, 2011


It's still a little hard to tell, but it looks like the first tree is some species of crabapple. The twigs are thick enough to make me think that it is a kind grown for fruit, though the foliage doesn't quite match that.

24 Sep, 2011


I looked up crabapple, and they indeed look very similar. Although I wouldn't be able to tell. If the tree produces fruit I'll let you know. Thanks for helping me out with my query.

25 Sep, 2011


You're welcome, Adara!

26 Sep, 2011


The last picture is mespila, growing next to my small house.. :)))) I like the fruits of it. And in Cyprus they are making unbelievable sweets from it :)

2 Oct, 2011


Thank you Forestelf, although now I'm trying to find the first image. Mespila is also know an Loquat. I'll have to wait until next year to try the fruits. Thats interesting about the sweets, which kind of sweets would that be?

2 Oct, 2011

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