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what is the best design for the base of a 6x8 greenhouse. I am having a cement perimeter to rest it on but is it better all cement or gravel or what else?


By Suesue

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6x8 greenhouse floor advice?



my frame is on concrete and i have pavers down the middle. the rest is soil so i can plant things in to it. i have staging down one side, that can be stowed away so i can plant things when they are ready.

3 Mar, 2009


we laid or base on gravel with slabs,i think the gravel is good for drainage

3 Mar, 2009


The greenhouse I have shown in my blogs has two thirds of the floor laid with slabs and one third is a sand plunge. The slabs provide a walkway and a firm surface for the bench to stand on whilst providing good drainage at the same time.
The sand plunge could easily be repaced with a composted bed for growing crops or more slabs.

4 Mar, 2009


hi i had some brick rubble left over so what i did was from the width of the door i put some scrap wood each side of the door ,the lengh of the greenhouse put some pegs in and concreted it leaveing it the thickness of a block paveing below .so when the concrete had dried i took the 2 peices of wood out (suttering) and layed my brick paveing on and put a angle of cement on the edges so they would not move .....i used what i had left over just make it safe and level so you dont trip or fall

4 Mar, 2009


our greenhouse is bolted down onto custom made blocks, all this was here when we moved in, i have resited it and have paving slabs down the middle and all the rest is gravel.everything we grow in the greenhouse is in large pots.then at the end of season , we empty all the pots into the compost heap, wash them with detergent,and put away in the shed..................steve

4 Mar, 2009


a cement base is not a good idea for these reasons,if in the future, you want a larger greenhouse or smaller one your stuck, drainage is another l reason, and a concrete base is not easy to uplift & despose of,you are cheaper & better to use non cresoted railway sleepers cut to size,
these give it extra hight, & you only need 4 coach screws to fix it on.

6 Sep, 2009

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