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Looking after Phoenix roebelenii?

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Hi, bare w/ me here.I know nothing About plants but am learning asap.I have purchased several from Lowes,One being Phoenix R.- What do i do if anything about brown tips/dead parts? Leave them? Trim them? If so how far down etc? It is like least 4 feet tall and that wide as well.Thank You so much to anyone who may answer :)

On plant Phoenix roebelenii



Hi Luvzpynk09. Can you give us a few more details? Where is it planted including details (south facing wall etc.) Is it still in the pot? Did it arrive like that? Most importantly you don't say really where you are. Southern Florida? (USDA zone 11) up to Alaska ( Greenthumbs tells me that is zone 1 or 2 so I hope not). Don't start trimming it yet, you can do a lot of harm.


4 Mar, 2009


HiYa John :)
It is still in the pot yes i just got it last night! LoL Every one that i went thru there at Lowes looked that way w/ some brown tips& dead pieces! But this one looked the LEAST bad etc.Should i have not gotten it at all maby? I am in Ohio-It can't be planted outside can it? I really wanted it for my room actually- but i dont think i have enough light for it so i was just going to keep it along w/ the rest in another room thats pretty bright. I also got a expensive Sweet Pablo Peace Lily that is DYING i dont know what i am doing wrong-<Sigh> Starting to think the Gnats are back,,,,Grrrrrrrrr
Thank You so much for your help i sure need it b/c i have already made Lowes take back 2 plants that died with in a WEEK! {I, along w/ my mom bought about $100 dollars worth of house plants and only 3 are really healthy/Thriving right now}


4 Mar, 2009


They are not really a pot palm but as it is only about 4 feet tall at the moment you may (but only may) get away with it for a few years. Repot as soon as you can into a larger pot. You don't need any fancy compost just a free draining one will do so make sure there are crocks in the bottom. Give it a feed of tomato food and put it in a light, draft free warm room, keeping it moist but not sopping wet for a while and then just wait. It really wants to be in the garden in at least middle-southern CA but these companies do sell them. We have one in the UK called Wilkos that sell all sorts of unusual plants for a snip. I specialize in exotics so I love them but they are not for the average user. Good luck.


5 Mar, 2009

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