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We need to establish a hedge for privacy over a length of 3m in a shady area in clay soil.
Needs to be fast growing but preferably not leylandi.
came across Turkestan elm (ulmus pumila celer) advertised as a wonder hedge reaching 1.5 - 1.8m in 2 years.
Do you know this plant and would it be suitable?

Asked from the GoYpedia screening / privacy ideas page



Hi and welcome to GOY, Turkestan Elm: This elm is a dense, deciduous hedge with small, bright green leaves. It is resistant to most diseases, and can easily thrive in poor soil too. hope this is helpful cheers

24 Sep, 2011


Sounds like the next Neighbourhood Nightmare to replace Leylandii, I'm afraid. The trouble with fast-growing trees is that they're programmed to race up to 80 feet + as fast as possible - just like Leylandii. There's no way of telling the plants that they're tall enough now, thanks very much, so stop growing - as they won't. I think it would be a mistake to plant anything that's advertised as "fast-growing" unless you want a hedge that's 80 feet high.

I'd go for hawthorn or beech and accept that it will take a year or two to get big enough for you, but it will be easier to control in the long run.

24 Sep, 2011


Escallonia might be a possible too

24 Sep, 2011


I use Photinia red robin great colourful evergreen fast grower and does well in my heavy clay

24 Sep, 2011


Prunus lusiticana-Portugal laurel, evergreen, sun or part shade, pruple-stems with white flowers and fast growing with few problems.

26 Sep, 2011


Thanks very much everyone for helpful suggestions.
We've decided not to try the elm but go for something evergreen instead, probably laurel.

28 Sep, 2011

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