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By Gattina

Bologna, Italy It

Can anyone tell me what this plant is, please? The colour does not show up well here - the berries are quite a bright, deep, iridescent turquoise. The bush is huge and appears to be ailing - this could be the heat and the drought we have had this year, but some of the leaves are looking a bit distorted and crinkly, so it could be something more sinister. Any ideas?




Could it be Beauty berry - Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii ‘Profusion’?

24 Sep, 2011


I was thinking that it looked like a Laurustinus (Viburnum tinus).

26 Sep, 2011


I think you may have the answer, Tugbrethil - the flower clusters are very Viburnum-like. I'm sorry, Drc, I know nothing about Callicarpa, so I can't tell you if you are right. Thank you both.

26 Sep, 2011


I have a large 14 year old Vibernum tinus and I didnt make the connection perhaps because you didnt mention its pink/white flowers.

26 Sep, 2011


Sorry, Drc, yes, I was forgetting the flowers, they are rather pretty pinky white and grow in flat-headed (Does one call them panicles?) groups. So a viburnum it is! Do they have any particular requirements? Ours seems to be dying in parts, whole branches within the bush just turning brown. We lost a big (sorry I don't know the proper name for it) pineapple tree that was growing right next to it a couple of years ago without any warning - it just failed to come back to life one Spring.

26 Sep, 2011


Could it be short of water? Mine was cut back very hard last spring as it was looking a mess and its lovely this year.

27 Sep, 2011


It is entirely possible, Drc, for such a large bush to be growing in such shallow soil, we shouldn't be surprised, I suppose. We do tend to get feast or famine on the rain front, and when we water the whole garden during drought, it would take a long time to supply something that large adequately. It has probably outgrown its space. I shall take your advice and be quite brutal with the loppers in Spring. Thank you.!

28 Sep, 2011



28 Sep, 2011


I really must get to grips with smileys. It would save an awful lot of my verbal diarrhoea. :o) How was that one?

28 Sep, 2011

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