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Hi further to my previous question re too much liner showing at back of pond I have followed some advice and have sloped my rocks etc and now want to plant something on the rather dry area behind them to grow over and hang down towards the water. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to plant that will do the trick but be safe for my fish if it grows into the water.



If its dry, grasses might be useful there - but make sure you choose a Grass and not a sedge or rush, both of which prefer damper soil. An example of a grass would be Fescue - of a sedge would be Carex.

24 Sep, 2011


I have Phlox subulata 'emerald cushion blue' which grows in the dry gritty area and just dips over into to the water, it is a dense mat forming evergreen with mauve flowers in the late spring. It great for the frogs to hide under too.

24 Sep, 2011


Could be a good spot for Campanula poscharskyana.

25 Sep, 2011


creeping jenny is apserlutly perfect . it virtualy lives in the water once it gets going .

25 Sep, 2011


In my opinion I think Vinca Vine is excellent ground cover for the marginal hardscape, or softscape ,of ponds. I use a variegated variety, it grows thick and fast on wet or dry substrate. In areas of my ponds where it dives into the water it develops roots that my fish love to munch on. In the spring the vine produces many small blue flowers and early summer, as I have arranged it, Bee Balm punches it's way through the Vinca cover which provides a colorful show around the ponds margins. I have run into an unexpected problem though, humming birds feeding off of the lower tiered flowers of the Bee Balm have had to quickly dodge the pond frogs jumps for a, let's say a, poultry meal. I am new to GOY and will post pictures of the describe arrangement soon.

25 Sep, 2011


Sounds fab! I wish we had hummingbirds! :-) We can come up with hummingbird hawk moths, but they just don't match up.

25 Sep, 2011


Thanks for all the suggestions, will be on the lookout for some of these plants this week, can"t wait to get it all done. I think I am really going to enjoy this site. Thanks again Edieb

25 Sep, 2011


your more than welcome edieb

26 Sep, 2011

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