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By Juliano

Nottingham, United Kingdom Gb

does anyone no how to stop cats messing in your garden ,cats have got that much love for there owners they never mess in there own garden ha ha ha ive tried the pellets but they dont last long ?any help



Hi, i had that problem and a friend advised me to get an old coffee jar and put holes in the lid, fill with JEYES FLUID and bury it with the lid just exposed in the problem area, the smell masks the scent they leave behind, which invariably brings them back, you`ll find after a week or 2 they move on
. Hope this helps


4 Mar, 2009


Actually they certainly do use their owners gardens - we have 3 cats and they definately use our garden, and no doubt the neighbours too. There are so many cats around here that there really is no point in using any methods to repel them. I just make sure I have a trowel handy for clearing up after them. Yes, it's a pain but our cats love being in the garden as much as we do so it's a small price to pay for happiness all round. I did use some string on our veg bed last year whilst the seedlings grew and that kept them off nicely, no chemicals and it was safe. My tip is featured on the 'tips' section on this site - just check out 'tips' at the bottom of the page, you'll see it on there.

4 Mar, 2009


hi we have twenty cats in our close! last year i planted out my bedding and between each plant i stabbed in a bar b q wooden squewer so they could not get to the soil!they looked a bit strange until the plant grew on but cost me two pounds from B&Q and i have already bought some for this year as it worked for me !lol cant use in the back garden as small boys on the go !

4 Mar, 2009


i regularly 'shoot' them with a kiddies spud gun. i had my beloved shoot me with it from 10ft and i felt it but surprisingly little. its the suddenness of it that surprised me. after a couple of shots when spotted in the garden they, and there are 15 in our close, tend to scoot around the edges. a hose jet also works well.
one owner is proud that her cats dont mess in her garden. when i saw her cat squatting, I trowelled it up and left it on her flower beds; she got quite snotty. whilst one neighbour will come and clear up the piles for me as she thinks it so unfair that her pet puts my kids at risk. i find it worse once i mulched the beds as there is lots to scrape.
one of my friends trained her cats to use a litter tray and they seem to come in to use it.

4 Mar, 2009


My neighbour, who has lots of visiting cats, soaks used tea bags in Jeyes fluid and scatters them around the garden. He also told me cats hate the smell of orange peel so he puts that in the flower beds as well.

4 Mar, 2009


seaburngirl lol you make me laugh i like cats but dont like the mess i shu them but at times they just stare lol and carrie on there thing but i get fox mess to what if i get one of them scencers what we cant hear and cats can noing my look they with pull a deaf one ha ha ha

5 Mar, 2009


Seaburngirl, that doesn't seem very animal friendly to 'shoot' them. If you really have to shoot them a water pistol is much kinder I would have thought. Not sure how the RSPCA would feel if they knew you were shooing them with a spud gun, and I know that if a neighbour was to do that to one of our 3 cats I would not be too happy. Our cat use our garden as a WC but it only takes seconds to clear up, we also have foxes using the garden as a WC, but again, only seconds to clear up. Not much effort required really.

6 Mar, 2009


Hi Juliano ~ Try planting Helichrysum italicum (curry plant)or buy rubber snakes from a toy shop cats hate them I have used both for several years successfully

9 Mar, 2009

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