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I am growing a climbing rose for the first time. The roses have been lovely all summer. I noticed a thick long shoot has grown very quickly with no buds on it, should i cut it of . :)



Not necessarily -you need to decide if its a sucker or not. Have a look at the point of origin of the shoot - if its coming from above the graft at the bottom, its just a new stem - if its coming from below the graft, is more thorny, light green in colour with more leaflets than the rose itself, it's sucker and should be removed.

25 Sep, 2011


Thank you Bamboo, hubby and myself had a good look and both agreed it appeared to be a sucker and removed it. :)

25 Sep, 2011


Hi Julia, very sorry for my lack of knowledge not sure if it is a minature climber, it had know information when i got it. Any advise on growing climbing roses would be very much appreciated. Kind regards Helen.

27 Sep, 2011


Feed in early April and again 6 weeks later with a proper rose food, something like Toprose. Keep watered during hot dry spells, particularly whilst its young. Will also benefit from addition of composted manure to the ground around it in Spring, same time as you do the first feed. Spray as necessary for blackspot, mildew, aphid infestation (use a systemic, every 2 weeks if there's a problem, from April through to end of growing season).

27 Sep, 2011


Thank you both for you comments. I will take your advice bamboo, as i really love roses but have had no luck in the past.

28 Sep, 2011

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