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Yucca regrowing?? I had all trees/shrubs taken out of the front garden in june, this is the only regrowth - I think it's from where the yucca was; there are loads of new shoots - can anyone tell me if I am going to have a 'yucca forest' in my front garden please?!!!

On plant Yucca




Looks more like Phormium to me Jeanette, you have 4 of them and they get big, if you dont want them there, i would dig them up and pot them on, someone you know maybe would like a free phormium, or plant one in another part of your garden, give it plenty room tho...

25 Sep, 2011


That Yucca/Phormium looks like Cordyline to me...Lol

25 Sep, 2011


I thought that too Pimpernel, just the leave's look a bit thick for a newly growing Cordyline, Im probably wrong :))

25 Sep, 2011


It's a Cordyline. The prominent, orangish midribs are diagnostic. Looks like they didn't do a very good job of removing the stump!

26 Sep, 2011


Agree, Cordyline - they'll be four offshoots off the main trunk, which has obviously been cut down but the roots left behind. Will grow into a four trunked tree - if it gets through this winter...

26 Sep, 2011


thanx for your help everyone!!
I checked my blog fotos just now and realized the yucca was further forward and to the right of where these shoots are - but I can't remember anything growing in this patch - except maybe ferns... a friend wondered if taking up the weed-suppressing membrane might have uncovered this plant??
I would like to know whether permanent removal of this plant is possible..altho the root/stump is pretty solid..??

27 Sep, 2011


Yes its possible - just not very easy. I'd wait for the winter to wither the growth and then have a go at getting it out next Spring.

27 Sep, 2011


thanx bamboo! that's another job for spring then lol!!

27 Sep, 2011


My advice assumes we're having a severe winter though...

27 Sep, 2011


but if we don' there a 'chemical' way to remove the stump - without affecting all the newly planted shrubs in the same bed?

27 Sep, 2011


No. You can apply a chemical to stop it regrowing, but you will be left with the stump/s.

27 Sep, 2011


well, that would be an option..I can always plant around the's messing up my planting plan as it is!! wot is the chemical I need please? thanx bamboo

27 Sep, 2011


The trouble is, I suspect the main stump is dead - these offshoots are probably/possibly growing on the main roots rather than the original stump, and if that's the case, poisoning any stump won't be an option. The chemical I'm talking about is SBK, and should be applied to woody parts after making cuts or drilling into them, without getting it on the soil.

27 Sep, 2011


thanx for yr advice bamboo,I have heard of this and know you have to be careful with it..will leave well alone at the moment!!

28 Sep, 2011

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