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By Judz

Gisborne, New Zealand Nz

can anyone tell me what the plant on the left is please - it's grown about 2 feet lately and is about to flower.

Yucca_002 Yucca_003 010



A yucca??

25 Sep, 2011


It could be a type of yucca but I'll post a pic shortly as it looks now...that was taken 2 years ago.

26 Sep, 2011


It appears to be a Yucca Rostrata. I could be sure of this if I could see it's base which is tree trunk like. If it is, it has the potential of growing to a height of 15ft.

26 Sep, 2011


I think that it's a young Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco), Judz. That's the most cold hardy Dracaena, not quite as hardy as Cordyline australis, but eventually much larger. They just barely survive our hot summers, but a lot of New Zealand should be just right for it. Yucca rostrata needs a pretty hard desert environment, has shorter, narrower, stiffer, bluer leaves than that, and has a shaggy trunk, while the Dragon Tree will develop a smooth trunk.

26 Sep, 2011


Ok - this is how it looks today and not looking that pretty.

26 Sep, 2011


Ah! I only saw the older picture, with the fan palm on the right. It still looks like a Dragon Tree, and it should perk up--and probably branch--after it blooms. Those dry old leaves at the base should pull off fairly easily, leaving a smooth trunk.

26 Sep, 2011


can you tell me what colour flowers it has please?

26 Sep, 2011


or does it just have seeds??

26 Sep, 2011


This site has a pretty good picture of them:

If the weather is chilly, there might also be a lavender tint to the outer petals of each floret.

27 Sep, 2011


thanks for your help - it will probably flower in about a week so I'll post a photo of it again then...

28 Sep, 2011


this is now how the flower head looks and another one has also popped up but is not as tall (2nd photo) Ok , so yucca or dragon tree ??

13 Oct, 2011

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