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Trunk Rot on betula pendula?

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My friend has a Youngs Weeping Birch and has found an area on the bark which he can put his finger in. Inside the bark is all soggy. Is there something we can do to save the tree or is this a difficult problem to remedy?
Any advice will be very welcome.


On plant Betula pendula



Hi Kelly
It sounds much like a fungal or bacterial infection. What is the soft substance like colour, texture does it smell. Are the buds starting to form is the bark peeling back how old is the tree and what was planted in that spot before can you give any more information. ? Sorry lots of questions but it will help to identify what’s wrong

5 Mar, 2009


Hi Sue,

Thanks for replying. Having checked with my friend, I have the following information:
The colour is a sawdusty type colour/ beige
Doesnt appear to smell
The texture feels like paper mache (before hard) slightly harder inside.
No buds have started yet
The bark isnt peeling back, it looks as though a branch has broken off (this isnt the case because its still a young tree)
The tree is 4 years old and nothing that we know of was planted there before. It was a grassy area.

There was a rubber tree stay to hold it in place, do you think that could have had an impact?

Once again, thanks for your help so far.

5 Mar, 2009


Hi Kelly
I'm not 100% sure but it sounds like a canker try applying Bordeaux mix see if it has any affect it will take a couple of months if no improvement drop me a note and I'll dig a bit deeper for you

5 Mar, 2009


Thanks Sue,

I have passed this on to my friend and he is very grateful. Fingers crossed we can get this sorted out.

Thanks again, I hope to let you know all is well in a few months.


6 Mar, 2009


Hi Kelly ~Your welcome :0) Sue

6 Mar, 2009

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