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By Goygal

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know if ordinary spiders eat spider mite?
I have a couple of small spiders on my Hoya.
( I hope they are not LARGE spider mites ... how can we tell?)




Hi Goygal, I can see no Spider Mite only an ordinary Spider in the corner there.

26 Sep, 2011


Yes, that's exactly what I thought... BUT I have something else on the back of the leaves.. and it won't wipe off.
I don't suppose you know if Spiders DO eat spider mite?

26 Sep, 2011


Not to the best of my knowledge, flies and other winged insects that they catch in their webs.

26 Sep, 2011


If you do have a problem, predatory mites are available here................

or google; Phytoseiulus persimilis

26 Sep, 2011


Can you not post a picture of the back of an affected leaf

26 Sep, 2011


Thanks for the link to the mite predators, Meanie.
Moon, I think you are right... maybe they DO only like flying food. ( or as it were, EX flying food.)
Pimpernel, I did post a pic, but it is in a different page.
HTH :-)

26 Sep, 2011

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