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My Garden is teeming with woodlice,

are they harming my vegetables and flowers?

If yes how do I control them? / discourage them



They don't do any harm, they clean up dead and decaying matter. To control them sweep up leaves and keep the garden tidy in Autumn.

27 Sep, 2011


They only feed on dead material. Nature's dustmen!!

If any of your neighbours keep hens then borrow a couple for a day. They will be like a child in a sweet shop and hoover them up for you. They love them.

27 Sep, 2011


They do like a nibble on strawberries though - dead wood is what attracts most of them, so use of bark chips often increases the problem. Wooden shuttering for raised beds, decking, anything like that will increase the population, as will dead wood lying about and rotting tree stumps. Clear all woody debris away immediately.

27 Sep, 2011


They are absolutely harmless and only are an esthetic pest if found in houses. Their main environmental niche are areas of high humidity-dampness containing a good amount of detritus. I am very familiar with the woodlouse(aka-armadillo bug-order Isopoda). They were my favorite bugs for a research project that I undertook while a university student. It was to find a method of locating arthropod hydroreceptors and once located, find a means to block those receptors so they would have no way to find damp areas or water and thereby desiccate-dry out and die. It would have been a useful way to control such pests as silverfish and roaches but unfortunately I was drafted into military service and wound up in a very hot and damp country for awhile unable to continue my project all the while being surrounded and at times covered by potential research subjects.

28 Sep, 2011

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