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hi all i have a black sambuca ( a spider one if that is correct ) it is about 5 foot should i cut the top to make it more bushy or will it bush out on its own as it does seem a bit sparse ...cheers



No, you need to prune it, they're rather gawky growers left unpruned. You've got two options - either cut down to the ground the older stems, leaving the newer ones, which you reduce by half. Or cut the lot to the ground, but you will lose any possible flowers next year if you do that. Whichever you choose to do, don't do it now - wait till proper winter, when the plant is dormant, but make sure you do it before mid February at the latest.

27 Sep, 2011


Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace' can tend to be 'leggy'. Will be better for taking the top out to make it bushy. You can do it at almost any time, cut it to a leaf axle.

27 Sep, 2011


thanks will cut it back and then not let it get to leggy next time

27 Sep, 2011

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