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I have a fig growing wild behind my shed, or at least I think it is wild as I did not plant it - I have lived here 4 yrs , it is in a pile of garden rubbish and looks healthy and have definitely recognised it as a fig from plants I saw recently in Italy, what should I do to cultivate it properly or will it never fruit?



Yes given the right spot they grow well and fruit in abundance. They like to have their roots restricted, any chance of a photo ?

28 Sep, 2011


We have about 5 fig trees in our garden, and our problem is how to keep 'em down! We get much colder winter weather than the UK, so there's not going to be a problem in that direction, but if it does get round to fruiting, you may find that the weather over there is not sufficiently warm enough for long enough for the figs to ripen. Keep the suckers that will eventually start to grow in spring/early summer, well cut back, or all the tree's strength will go into these. Best of luck - let us know bow things progress. You might have a bit of a wait, Lablandi!

28 Sep, 2011


I have a fig tree behind my summerhouse that I planted but didn't restrict the root's, we had a bumper crop this year, so sweet too, hardly had any water either, alway was told they needed lots of water so it was a suprise to have so many, best year ever, must be 6yrs old now, we did chop a lot of branches off a few years ago as it was pushing against the fence in the wind. I have another one but that will have to come out as its right by my green house. Good Luck with yours :o))

29 Sep, 2011

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