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Hello I have foxglove plants in pots grown from seed. I dont have a greenhouse, they have been indoors in a spare room in window. They are about 8-10 weeks old, and about 3-4 inches high spread of 5-8 inches. Should i plant them out now in position i want them or wait till feb/march. As they were grown indoors will they not be very strong and will frost kill them?. If they work can i expect flowers from them this year?



The plants will need a period of hardening off before you plant them out, whether it is now or in spring. Given they've been inside, I think I'd wait until spring because they will be tender.
Foxgloves are fully hardy outside, however, and even young plants will get through winter in a sheltered spot. They won't flower this year now, I'm afraid.

28 Sep, 2011


I'd have said get them out ASAP before the weather turns cold - I find they're as hard as nails. For future reference they didn't need starting off indoors, just sowing the seeds outdoors would have been fine, but not to worry.

If you're not sure you could always put half of the plants out now (plant them out where you want them to grow) and keep half indoors, hardening them off in spring.

Foxgloves are biennials or short lived perennials - they flower in their second year of growth and I find that a few flower again the year after that.

28 Sep, 2011


They also seed themselves once you've got them in your garden. :-))

28 Sep, 2011


Agree with Beattie - plant immediately, while the weather is so warm, they won't need hardening off at the moment - but by Monday, they may do.

29 Sep, 2011


Thanks everyone for advice. Its on a stoned area Spritz so seed wont spread. Thought planting in pots would give them a head start, as the seeds at bottom of plant are still only pin head size. I know stoned is not best but easy maintained as away quite a bit.

30 Sep, 2011


"Its on a stoned area Spritz so seed wont spread"

That's what you think! They'll be popping up out of cracks and crevices and any soil within 20 feet in a couple of years. They're not problem plants as they're easy to get out, but they are prolific.

1 Oct, 2011


When I read that comment from Antz, I had to chuckle, for exactly the same reason. Yes, they will pop up - but you might find they look great where they appear! :-))

4 Oct, 2011

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