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How can I get rid of Japonica?

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How can I get rid of a well-established Japonica? It's difficult to dig up the root system where I can get to it but there is a a whole section of it where it is rooted in a small gap between a wall and a fence and I can not get to the roots.



If by Japonica you mean Chaenomeles, that will be woody at the roots - your only option is to attempt to poison any woody parts you can get at. Use SBK, make cuts or holes in the wood and pour SBK into those, cover with something and leave.

30 Sep, 2011


Thanks very much for your reply. Yes, I do mean Chaenomeles. Should I cut them back as far as I can first and then put the SBK over the cut area?

30 Sep, 2011


Yes, but leave enough root to be able to make cuts or drill a hole into - the SBK should be applied to open wounds on the plant.

30 Sep, 2011


That's great, thanks

30 Sep, 2011

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