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Hosta help please.......

I was given a load of Hosta's and three Arum lily's by a lady at work.
They came wrapped in newspaper, she had washed the roots off.
They looked in a sorry state but with loads of roots.
I have potted them up in JI No2 and given them a really good soaking.
Do I leave them out over winter or put them in an unheated conservatory ??




Hostas should be fine left outside in a sheltered spot - just make sure the pots don't freeze solid if the winter's tough. As for the 'arum' lily, if they're actually Zantedeschia, it depends which one they are - if the leaves have silvery spots, they won't be hardy and need frost protection indoors. If they're Zantedeschia 'Crowborough' that's fine to leave outside.

30 Sep, 2011


Thanks for that Bamboo, as the picture shows they don't quite look a picture of health I am just hoping that they recover, as I said they had plenty of roots.

30 Sep, 2011


They'll disappear completely during the winter, so you won't know till spring arrives and they start growing (or not) whether they're okay, so don't chuck them out thinking they're goners!

30 Sep, 2011


My thanks again, this will be my first winter with any plants in the garden, I have worked so hard to get it to where it is now.
As everything is in containers and large pots I expect some losses.

30 Sep, 2011


You would be surprised ! My third year gardening in pots and it has some advantages.

30 Sep, 2011

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