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I have a hibiscus bought at
Bodnant Gardens in Wales which flourishes in a large pot It has lots of buds but they never open fully. It is in a reasonably sunny position why is this/



Potted planted will always need double the amounts of water - are you watering copiously twice a week ?

I have a hibiscus here and it flowers okay, it's in a warm and sunny site and on alkaline soil.

Another thought ..... yours wouldn't be in too small a pot would it and need repotting ?
A plant the size of a hibiscus will need a pot that's at least 2' deep and 2' diameter and then repot it every 2 or 3 years to larger ones all the time - it would prefer to be in the ground really though.

1 Oct, 2011


Could you be specific about which Hibiscus you have?

H.rosa-sinensis for example is an indoor plant. This needs a bright spot, regular watering and misting. A 25cm tomato pot is ideal.

1 Oct, 2011


I bought two from Thompson and Morgan earlier in the year. They are in large, identical pots each in the same sunny position. One is doing fine, the other hasn't a sign of a leaf. Perhaps they are just really difficult plants.

1 Oct, 2011


Thank you everyone. My hibiscus is syriaca Duc de brabant and flourishes on the hillside at Bodnant. I bought it in August 2009 and yes it could have outgrown its pot. I do water and feed it regularly with Miracle Grow. Last winter I brought it into the conservatory for the winter - luckily as iIlost so many plants hebes, ceanothus, all the fuchsias kept in the shed etc

1 Oct, 2011


Sue has two very similar ones which are planted in the ground up against the kitchen wall - came through the last two winters unharmed.

3 Oct, 2011

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