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On Gardeners World last night they mentioned a plant "Certostigma". It is a plant that I tried to take a cutting of from a friends garden last year (she has now sold the house). But when i looked it up it said it grew to 1 metre high, the plant I tried to take a cutting from (and the one in gardeners world) was a low growing plant creeping sort of plant. Could someone please clarify. I do know that a normal Plumbago gets very big, so now I am very confused! I would so like one as it is very dry weather resistant and such a dramatic blue.

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I was confused when I wanted to buy Ceratostigtma too, Troddles. There are several varieties - C. plumbaginoides which grows to 0.5 metres tall, best described as "mat-forming" and C. willmottianum grows to 1 metre tall and can be quite shrubby. Wikipedia says that there are 8 species, but these 2 are the usual ones encountered.

1 Oct, 2011


I've just added three photos of Ceratostigma plumbaginoides to my photos on here. It's growing more or less wild in an uncultivated area of my garden. I thought I had lost it a couple of years ago in the heavy Czech winter but it happily resurfaces and blooms at this time of the year when there is little else in flower in that part of the garden. The colour is stunning.

1 Oct, 2011

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