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Hi folks - we have a small garden and i have made some raised bed for veg - now that the season has ended what is the best thing to dig in over the winter to revitalise the soil and get it ready for plants come spring - i have been told bone meal but what do you experts think is best ?



Compost, manure (not horse manure) any organic matter...

2 Oct, 2011


Why not horse manure Moon grower? Obviously it should be rotted first, but is that not enough?

3 Oct, 2011


Because a lot of horse manure is polluted with a herbicide which kills off two weeds that are toxic to horses. Unfortunately the herbicide is in the hay and passes through the horse. If you use the manure on your ground it will distort and or stunt the growth of you flowers and vegetables. I would never consider using horse manure now for that simple reason. We've had a long discussion on this on another question and Bamboo remembered the name of the herbicide, damned if I can though. Apparently most GCs have stopped selling horse manure for this very reason.

3 Oct, 2011


Found it the herbicide is called Kibosh but finding out whether the hay/grass/haylage the horses ate had been sprayed would be almost impossible.

3 Oct, 2011


Thanks, that's interesting. They still sell horse manure at my local garden centre but I shall avoid it!

3 Oct, 2011


Very wise!

3 Oct, 2011

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