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Asparagus tips!


By Mercy

Notts, United Kingdom Gb

This is my first question here so please be gentle with me! After purchasing a pack of 3 Asparagus crowns I am now wondering if they are suitable for our square foot garden. Yes, I know I should have checked first, bit of an impulse buy. I have searched the net and assume asparagus is not suitable for containers, but sfg? Any help would be gratefully received.



dont apologise we all seem to do impulse buys. so you are in good company. Welcome to GoY. As for your question sorry havent a clue but I know someone will be able to help you.

8 Mar, 2009


From what I have heard, (no personal experience with asparagus) these require a lot of space and don't like to be moved once planted. So if you devote one whole 4'x4' box just to them and not grow anything else with them it can be done. You have to just leave them alone pretty much after the last harvest each year so they can grow and prepare for the next springs harvest!
As I understand it you shouldn't really harvest until the crowns are 3 years old also.
I would like to try Asparagus because I like it but as yet don't have that much empty space to devote to them alone!

8 Mar, 2009


Thanks for your welcome Seaburngirl!
Wohli, thank you. Not for the SFG then! I'll give them a try in some space at the side of the house, I think. We'll prepare the soil first then pop them in and see what happens.
Tricky stuff this gardening mallarkey ;-}

9 Mar, 2009

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