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Could you please name this


By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

This is a very common plant sold in pots every summer of which I take cuttings from mine every year The origional plant has grown to shrub proportions and has remained planted out this last few years, the younger ones and cuttings I winter in the green house. This Winter has been a bit harsh and has taken a bit of a knock. I think it may be a type of African Daisy? if anyone can give me the name I can look up its pruning details as it does need tidying up and reducing a little. Sorry I have not got a close up photo of it. It is the yellow Daisy like flower in the centre of the picture.




it looks like it might be an osteospermum? If it is you can prune it back, but not sure how hard back. Ive always kept mine small coz of the space it occupies. Lovely photo. what is the white flower in the bottom left just out of interest?

8 Mar, 2009


Thanks Seaburn, I thought it was but having had it so long and bought as a pot plant no label I was a little cautious! I have a few verieties of the Osteospermum but they don't grow as shrubby and large as these, mind this one is a fair age. I take annual cuttings and discard them but as the origional has become an outdoor all year around member of my garden! I was a little timid about taking off the frost scorch and how hard to cut it back.
The white flower is Hesperous I have it in Purple and white, they seed freely and move around the garden but as the years go on they seem to be more white. They make a lovely show from May on.

9 Mar, 2009


I have heard of hesperous, is it strongly scented? looks to be a good doer. Is that the same as sweet rocket?

9 Mar, 2009


Yes Sweet Rocket and the perfume in wonderful especially in the evening.

9 Mar, 2009


could i be cheeky and ask for some seed in the autumn? if yes send me a pm and i'll sort addresses etc thanks

9 Mar, 2009


can i just say what a beautiful border!! wish mine looked like that

10 Mar, 2009


yes me too sewingkilla :o)

10 Mar, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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