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I am attaching a couple of photos of our plum tree planted at the beginning of this year. We were very lucky and had one plum from it!.

As you can see it has gone really spindly and the highest branch has leaves that are very curled up and do not look too good. I think the branches should be pruned down quite a bit, and I am wondering when would be the best time, or if it should be pruned at all.

A friend thinks that it should be left alone as it is a new tree, so if anyone can answer this for me I would be very grateful.
Thanks in anticipation.
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I'd be tempted to leave pruning until spring, see what the winter brings, but you will clearly see from new growth in spring where to trim dead wood back to.

3 Oct, 2011


Yes, it does need pruning, but you must wait until April when it has a fair amout of leaf growth. If you prune when the tree has no leaves then you will risk the introduction of silver leaf disease.

3 Oct, 2011

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