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i planted a peach tree this year will it want protecting in winter



I think it depends where it is planted and what variety it is. If it were espaliered against a house wall where it might get some residual heat to help it, that might make a difference, for example. I certainly think it would appreciate a little help through it's first winter. We loosely wrapped our new apricot trees in fleece in cold weather once the leaves had gone, and until they were obviously well established and thriving: I imagine peaches would be similar.

5 Oct, 2011


Hi Keith...
You could try clicking on "F" from the alphabet at the base of the page, which will take you to GoYpedia Fruit Trees ... there may be some useful information there..

You could also try letter "P" for Peaches ...

I hope this helps :o)

5 Oct, 2011


thank you

5 Oct, 2011

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