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I had a 5ft albuta bush last year & lost it to frost, how
can I protect my new 18inch one? if I cover with fleece will this be enough? thanks.



Sorry, Eileen, albuta doesn't mean anything - do you mean Abutilon by any chance? And if so, what variety is it? If its A. megapotanicum, that is 'fairly' hardy but needs to be in the shelter of a wall or fence, preferably south facing. Where you are though, if we have a hard winter, you may well lose it again, even if you cover it well with fleece, but horticultural fleece is probably worth a try if you can't pot it up and keep it somewhere out of the worst of the weather.

5 Oct, 2011


Thanks, It is Albuta F.rubra. if that means anything to
you, would like to here from you again.

10 Oct, 2011


Sorry Eileen, the name you have given not only means nothing to me, but means nothing to Google either. Perhaps you could post a photograph of the plant.

10 Oct, 2011

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