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Blackbirds have repeatedly destroyed a rock garden under a tree by digging up the groundcover, miniture cyclamine and spring bulbs. Yes! it is wonderful to have birds in the garden but I have developed a dislike for Blackbirds who have ruined this garden numerous times and costs me a lot of money for new plants. I know they are digging for food but don't seem to do this anywhere else in my garden. Have strung up the C.D's and covered with netting but not having much success. Please need more suggestions. Frith Grenfell, Auckland



I recognise this problem. In my previous garden, the blackbirds used to tear out chunks of mossy saxifrage from the edge of the flower beds and chuck them on the grass. I never could stop this completely, but I did manage to limit it by distracting them from whatever it was they were looking for by scattering cut apple and a handful of sultanas nearby. My blackbirds only did what they did for a few weeks in the year, however.

8 Oct, 2011


Are you sure its blackbirds they are such innocent creatures and they are only looking for earthworms, snails and slugs etc. and I expect that you have plenty of those lurking under the ground cover.I have never come across birds destroying a garden. As b.birds are ground feeders maybe put out food on a saucer/tray for them to encourage them away from your rockery. I think it could be another creature!

8 Oct, 2011


Blackbirds can be a pain, Grandmage, they pull cushion plants appart to get at bugs etc but no one has yet explained why they also delight in pulling up plant labels and throwing them around!!!! I regularly watch them doing this.

8 Oct, 2011


Such entertainment! Lol

8 Oct, 2011


I have noticed this too BA, wonder if the hole they leave from the label, lets/encourages worms up?

8 Oct, 2011


Thanks for all you replies. Will try putting out some food nearby and hope for the best. I'm sure the culprits are Blackbirds as I am well fenced and the neighbours' cats use my front garden, easier to dig. Frith

9 Oct, 2011

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