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I a habenana medusa orchid and was not sure what to do when it is done flowering?



Lucky you! I found some info on the net for you -

"In the autumn the leaves shrivel, signaling the onset of dormancy. During dormancy we water the still-potted tubers about every two weeks until we see new growth emerge".

I hope that helps.

10 Oct, 2011


Welcome to Goy Lolo. Lucky me too Spritz as I always thought i could not grow orchids now I realise I have been throwing away dormant plants.Ouch!!!

10 Oct, 2011


Oh no! That's awful! :-((

10 Oct, 2011


Nobody said anything about them going to sleep. Those labels definitely need updating.

10 Oct, 2011


Lucky you indeed! It took me ages to source the tubers for this - they were then lost in transit!

Scotsgran - Habenaria is a terrestrial orchid that grows from tubers. Also in this group are Bletilla and Pleoines, to name but two. Almost all the orchids that are commonly sold in the uk do not die back - growth may slow down significantly at certain times of the year, but they should not die back. What orchids have you thrown?

10 Oct, 2011


I can breathe again. It was not Habernaria, it was oncidium the last time. They were beautiful and lasted for months. I cut them back in the hope that they would send up new shoots which they did then they died. I DK what the others were but I have given up on indoor orchids because I am not good with indoor plants of any kind apart from Devils Ivy.

10 Oct, 2011


Scotsgran; Pleoines will be available in the bulb section of all good GC in the spring - recommended!

10 Oct, 2011


Thank you Meanie and you too Lolo for posing an interesting question which gave me some unexpected answers.

11 Oct, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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