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Lumpy lawn


By Afban

London, United Kingdom Gb

My lawn was freshly laid last year and disappointingly, over winter, small lumps and grassy mounds have appeared all over it. Can anybody suggest what might be causing it please? The lumps are covered in the same grass as the rest of the lawn - ie not weedy etc but still, it doesn't look very good.

Thank you,





Did you lay the lawn yourself?
If the ground beneath has not been prepared quite right then the ground can move for various reasons.
1. not properly tamped down after preparation. soil settles uneavenly
2. do you have an area that may drain more freely, or through which another area drains? this can loosen ground beneath causing sinking.
3. are any areas particularly heavily used - causes hollows.
4. winter weather can also cause frost heave in the sub soil.

Did you lightly roll the lawn once it had established last summer? Rolling helps to consolidate the lawn and reduce this movement. - in any case spring whn new growth starts is a great time to topdress, feed, airate and roll a lawn to get ready for summer - my lawn is an awful state (bald, lumpy and uneven- caused by a heavy winter, kids and dogs playing. We are going to re-lay our lawn v.soon

Good luck with yours.

13 Mar, 2009


Your lawn needs rolling in mild weather when the ground is soft, if left your mower will lift pieces of turf.

13 Mar, 2009


Doctorbob is right, get the heavy roller out as soon as you can ,now when the ground is fairly soft.

13 Mar, 2009

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