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Hi AllI am a complete gardening novice

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Hi All
I am a complete gardening novice, hope you might be able to help.
I have a stone wall (about six feet tall) with a trench in the wall about two feet wide, on top and to the rear of this wall there is a six foot fence.(total height is around 12 feet). I want to plant something that will "look after itself" and look nice all year round. Any ideas please?

Thanks for your replies, I thought it might take a lot longer. I will try to answer as fully as I can!
The fence is a panel one, no gaps it is a boundary fence, the houses opposite are on considerably higher ground but we are not overlooked.
Sorry don't know which way it faces, will find out! It is shade in the morning and sunny after lunch.
We live in about seven miles east of Manchester.
I will take a photo and upload. Thanks again.

Thanks for your reply. I am going to plant a tree in the ground and will look at the plants you suggested on-line.
Please could you advise me - Is it worth buying and planting them now or would it be better if I waited?

Thank you very much for taking the time to help.

Hi All
Thanks, the patio does look a lot better now.
I hadn't thought about replacing the top panels, in fact I don't even know who or what is on the other side of them! We only moved in a few months ago. I will find out I also don't know the depth of trench in the wall. I'll have to get up and have a root around!
I like the idea of roses and evergreen climbers. Are there some roses that only need minimal attention? As I don't want to be constantly up a ladder!
If I stood facing the fence Manchester would be at the back of me.

Yes, I do like the bottom wall and would like a couple of trees perhaps to frame the bottom wall but would I have to get the over hanging tree branches removed? They do look nice but take the light.
thanks again.




Welcome to GoY...

We need a photo Christinef or at least a lot more info such as is that six foot fence open with gaps like wrought iron or closed like a fence panel ?

Everything needs a little care and attention especially if you want it to look nice all year.

11 Oct, 2011


In sun or shade? Better if you can say which way it faces (north, south whatever) but at least sun or shade is better than nothing. Also what part of the country are you in (for a plant hardiness point of view)?

11 Oct, 2011


Hi Christine & welcome. Sounds like great potential you have there! With careful choice it will look lovely. Did someone else put up the fence for privacy perhaps? (a reason for asking) seems mega high... how long is it anyhow?

11 Oct, 2011


Hi Christine, 7 miles East of Manchester could put you quite high up near Ashton-u- lyne at the foot of the Pennines, near Saddlworth Moors ? No need to answer that directly, it just gives other members an idea of the conditions.

11 Oct, 2011


Hi Yes I do live nearby Ashton under Lyne.
The only photo I could find to upload earlier today was before we had some patio work done. This is how it looks now!
I really like trees but haven't a clue what might be suitable and fairly quick growing because as you can see there is a lot of bare fence and wall.
We also have a very large tree (possibly Ash) which overhangs the bottom of our garden.

11 Oct, 2011


If you're referring to that wall with a fence on top at the end of the garden, and you wanted to plant something actually in the wall, you're a bit stuck for variety because of the shade from the overhanging tree and the fence behind. You won't be able to plant a tree within the wall, but can plant one in front of it, in the ground if you like.
Amelanchier Ballerina or Prunus amanogowa might fit the bill for the tree - I'd be inclined to choose put up with anything, grow more or less anywhere plants in the wall itself such as Ajuga reptans, Campanula muralis. They're okay as wall subjects, but in a sunny, open spot, such a wall would present a great opportunity to plant really attractive, trailing plants, but given the environment there, I suspect most of those would just die, since the majority of them are alpine sun lovers.

12 Oct, 2011


have you thaught of perhaps making the wall pleasant to look at instead of just hiding it maybe . perhaps a tree each side as a kind of frame . i think myself something quit regimentle like some of these realy thin strate connifers . perhaps a waterfeacture like you put on the wall and some of that roll on split bamboo etc . i wouldnt hide the bittem wall as thats nice on the eye . anyway just a thaught and ofcourse some nice lighting and a little seating area .i can see lots of possabillities id love a tall wall like that in my garden lol .

12 Oct, 2011


Could the panels possibly be replaced with open trellis type panels ?

I know the trench is 2 foot wide but,I was wondering how deep the trench in the wall is? I was thinking a row of carpet or bush roses and some evergreen climbers.

It is the fence that is the main problem, you have done a great job on the patio area compared with the last photo by the way.

If you were stood facing the fence which way would Manchester be ? So we can find out the way your garden faces.

12 Oct, 2011

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