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By Gattina

Bologna, Italy It

Dianthus. I'm sure this is something I should know, but I don't, so bear with me. What is the difference between pinks, carnations and dianthus (which I guess is the generic name for both)? Is it only some varieties of either that can withstand winter weather? I have a lot of dianthus amurensis and don't know whether to try bringing them inside, or whether it's a waste of time.



Dianthus is the genus name the different common names are carnation (D. caryophyllus), pink (D. plumarius and related species) and sweet William (D. barbatus). Dianthus amurensis is fully hardy.

11 Oct, 2011


Thank you so much, Moon Grower - that saves me a lot of work and room-finding in the frost-free area.

11 Oct, 2011


I have D. amurensis in my garden and they've come through a couple of harsh winters with no problems. Funny thing is - when purchased, some were red and some white - I now have red with white spots and white with red splashes! Bees?

12 Oct, 2011

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