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Lagos, Nigeria Ng

Hi everyone!

Can anyone tell me what this tropical plant is called?

The flowers are very like small roses and the leaves are up to 20cms long, radiating from the stem which looks a bit succulent like. The thorns are brittle as on cactii.
At the moment it stands just over a metre tall.
Thanks in advance (hopefully!)

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I think it is an Hibiscus Karen, no Idea which one..

12 Oct, 2011


Thanks Pimpernel...will have a look (if the internet connection holds up for longer than 10 mins... :/

I was thinking it might be some sort of is beautiful (if somewhat dangerous!). It's just known here as 'cactus rose'...

12 Oct, 2011


I am not 100% Karen...Give us another pick when it is fully open..I thought Meanie would know this one.

12 Oct, 2011


Okay - will do! :))

12 Oct, 2011


One of the Pereskia maybe...........

12 Oct, 2011


Thanks Meanie - will investigate (connection allowing!) :)

12 Oct, 2011


Pereskia bleo ..Well done Meanie.

12 Oct, 2011


Just what I was going to say! Thanks Meanie! :)))

12 Oct, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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