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I have what looks like, judging by the activity, quite a sizeable wasps nest under one of my raised beds. Will the wasps die off in the winter, and are they likely to return to the nest next year? If so, is there anything I can do to discourage them? I'm not into killing things but I also don't like getting stung!The nest is under a rhubarb by the look of it, but I don't know whether the nest goes down into the ground, or up into the roots of the plant, and certainly don't feel inclined to investigate!



They will die off over winter, and although they don't reuse the same nest, they are inclined to start another one close by if they can the following year.

13 Oct, 2011


I agree with Bamboo's comment. As the weather gets colder the wasps will become dopey and will not tolerate being upset. Try to avoid disturbing them at this time. Late in the winter, when they will all be dead, you might like to try removing the nest and disturbing the ground to discourage next years nest building.

13 Oct, 2011


Thank you both. I am being careful not to disturb the wasps - there are dozens flying in and out the whole time! I'd like to see the nest once the wasps are dead though it may be a bit difficult to get at it without damaging it. That's a good idea about disturbing the ground to try to discourage further building. In another bit of my small garden I have a white tailed bumble bee nest, and I'm hoping very much that they will be back next year. They are close to a big clump of comfrey, which they absolutely love.

13 Oct, 2011


Also dust the area in late winter with a pyrethrum based product if you can find one, that seems to work, it's what the pest people do.

14 Oct, 2011

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